Cleaning expert explains why you should never dry clothes on radiators – even in winter

Wet, cold and winter weather means can make it impossible to dry freshly-laundered clothes. But with the rising costs of living, the days when we could casually throw damp clothes into the tumble dryer are a thing of the past.

Although warming our homes with central heating is becoming unaffordable for many, when you do put it on, it’s tempting to put wet clothes on radiators to help them dry quicker.

However, one expert has warned against using the radiator to dry clothes as it can do more harm than good in the long-run.

Rebecca Bebbington, consumer expert at NetVoucherCodes, explained that the process leads to more dampness in the air, making the drying period far longer.

“I get why people do this but it actually increases moisture in the air which isn’t good,” she added.

“Instead, try putting the clothes on an extra spin, space them out on the airer and make use of any natural light coming in”.

Another simple tip is to simply give your wash an extra spin. Just another ten minutes in the washing machine will remove even more water. When you take your clothes out they will be that just a little bit dryer before placing on the airer.

Wet clothes inevitably add moisture to the air and this increases the risk of damp. This is to be avoided. The quickest and easiest remedy is to simply open a window. Even if it’s blowing a storm outside, open that window to encourage air flow.

However, if this is far too much for you in the middle of winter, then you do have an alternative: invest in a dehumidifier. It will reduce and maintain the level of humidity in the air, an excellent way of keeping damp at bay.

Fans of cleaning guru, Mrs Hinch, have been sharing their own solutions. Posting in the group ‘Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It’, one user was a dehumidifier convert. They said: “I use a clothes airer with a dehumidifier, it dries faster than my tumble dryer.”

Another was also waving the flag for this piece of kit: “I swear by my dehumidifier. Hang the clothes in the utility room, shut the door and a load is dry in four hours”, while another said: “Wouldn’t be without it. Scary how much water it takes. No damp problems anymore and our clothes are dry overnight.”